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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Information as an Important Commodity

In an era of digital economy, information is recognised as one of the more important commodity. Its role in contributing to the economy of a country can not be taken lightly anymore. The quality of information obtained depends on the resources of the data.

However it is very essential for us to distinguish between information, data, knowledge, and wisdom. Normally data comes through research and collection. From that it has to be organised properly in order to create useful information.  Information must be processed accordingly based on the requirement of the stakeholders in order create useful knowledge.

Knowledge is built upon information must be continuously discussed and challenged in order to transform it to wisdom. Wisdom is the situation whereby somebody which already recognised as an expert in the respective field knows what to do with the knowledge. He or she knows how to synthesize the knowledge and make it useful to the community, organisation and humankind.

It is time in Malaysia, a professional in the field of information management plays an important role in the management of information as a commodity. This is important because the information provided should be timely, accurate, credible and reliable. Only in this way only, it will contribute and added value to the organization and the community.

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