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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Common Mistakes In Dealing With E-Commerce

There are some mistakes that we might do when dealing in e commerce. Among them are:

1. Often display personal information that should be kept confidential.
2. Not careful when choosing business partners.
3. Failed to register patent or trademark on our goods and services.
4. Always in a hurry in making a purchase in a virtual environment without making further investigation.
5. Often influenced by rich-quick schemes on the internet.
6. Often influenced by e-mail scam offering a reward winning the draw email.

However, we may be a big mistake if we think the business through the internet is not important.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Determine the Quality of Property Investment?

There are several ways to begin the search for locating quality properties. Among them are:

1.Visit to your targeted properties in order to ensure all the features are in line with your requirements.

2.Identify and take note of empty homes.

3.Review local newspaper advertisements to find properties for sale or rent in the areas you choose to research.

4.Build a database of information that details what the going rate is for rent and home sales. Don’t forget to include specific details about each house including square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities.

5.In order to gain more information, drive through the community to find more homes that are for sale or rent.

6.Try to talk to residents in the neighborhood to learn as much as possible about the area’s qualities, issues and disadvantages.

7.Attend open house events in the neighborhood to research the home and meet new realtors.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Common Mistakes In Dealing With Stock Market

There are some common mistakes may be happen  during investing money in the stock market. Among them are:
  1. Invest with little knowledge on the industry or the particular companies.
  2. Investment approach more speculative in nature rather than based on the fundamentals.
  3. Failure to formulate investment objectives.
  4. Buy at higher price and sell at a lower price.
  5. Too dependent on stock's tips from friends.
  6. Using personal loan with high interest rate to invest.
  7. Don’t have appropriate mechanism to monitor share price performance.
  8. Don’t have appropriate or basic investment portfolio management template.
  9. Others

How to avoid it?

  1. Set appropriate our investment objectives.
  2. Learning and acquire knowledge on the investment in the stock market and valuation  techniques.
  3. Join a professional association in the field.
  4. Attend training seminars or industry briefing organised by some of the investment bank or stock brokers.
  5. Appoint appropriate/competent/capable remiser or dealer.
  6. Others

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Power Of A Winning Personality

Everyday we might can hear these commonly heard complains from employees and customers alike:

Organisations are inhuman!

Why don't they treat us as people?

Why don't they behave like we do?

What do people think of our company when it behaves like this? It's embarrassing!

Why do we have to try and explain U-turns all the time?

Can't they be consistent?

This is not my kind of company?

Organisations are impersonal!

I just don't feel comfortable here!

I saw their new ad. What does it mean? Is it a joke?

Why do they waste money on this advertising?

Whatever they promise, they will newer deliver!

How can they say these things and do not do them?

Pomises, promises!

We have no credibility any more!

I could do better myself!

How can I trust that company any more?

They treat us like this because things are going well-they wouldn't dare do this things if times were hard!

We don't get value for money any more?

I'am long-serving customer, and they still don't listen!

We have complained many times but they just don't seem to care!

The chances are  our own company or organisation is not exempt from such remarks . Such frustration and disappointment, inwardly felt even not always voiced, if we still ignored, soon will translates into the possibility of losing customers and inevitable failure.

The companies that have a good corporate charisma will take an interest of their customers, that know how their customers think and feel, look from the outside in. They judge the feelings of people, care about them, hold to good values, and build long-term relationship and friendship.They treat people as people want to be treated.

However, unfortunately these companies are rare nowadays. Thefore, something for us to ponder. More need to be done. The solution, as evidenced in somes companies that are doing it right, although neither easy nor quick, involves, as usual, just common sense and a bit of know-how.

Sources:Dr Paul Temporal & Dr Harry Alder" Corporate Charisma"1998